Mahalo for using our service for your Hawaii wedding or vow renewal on Maui or the Big Island. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our past clients:

Just received the photos from the vow renewal so wanted to take this opportunity to thank you very much in setting everything up for us! It all went beautifully and we were very pleased with both Bobbie Jo and Frank as well as the recommended location. We enjoyed dinner at Gannons, which was a great suggestion. All in all, we were so happy with how the ceremony and day went and would definitely recommend you to our friends!
Date of Posting: 18 August 2015
Posted By: Tanya & Tony
We are back to reality in Missouri and would like to thank you for helping make our vacation a wonderful experience. Our vow renewal was beautiful and we really enjoyed Rev Rich. It was nice just showing up and everything else was done. Thank you again.
Date of Posting: 15 August 2015
Posted By: Kellie & Jason
We are so grateful to have found you and could not be happier with our renewal ceremony. It was perfect, exactly what we wanted and you and your wife were the best part. No one else could have made that experience more perfect for us than you. And because of you, we have decided to for sure come back to Maui for our 20 year renewal ceremony, as long as you will perform the ceremony for us.

Mahalo, for making our experience top notch and exactly what we wanted. Please tell your wife that she did an awesome job and made us feel so special. The lei she made me is the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen and was smelling it all night.
Date of Posting: 03 June 2014
Posted By: Chera & Travis
Unsere Trauung war ein unvergessliches Erlebnis und ihr habt es dazu gemacht! Vielen Dank dafür, wir werden Euch das nie vergessen.
Date of Posting: 31 May 2014
Posted By: Anika & Geri
Dan and I would like to extend a very special and warm thank you for marrying us. We were very delighted to meet you and have our ceremony performed by you. Also, Thank you Tatiana for taking our pictures. We feel so blessed to have met you both.
Date of Posting: 17 May 2014
Posted By: Donna & Dan
Es gibt ein Sprichwort, das sagt: Einige Menschen treten in dein Leben und sind gleich wieder verschwunden, andere hingegen hinterlassen Spuren in deinem Herzen. Ihr Zwei gehört zu den letzteren. Es war eine sehr schöne Zeremonie und wir haben uns wirkich sehr wohl gefühlt. Das zeigen auch die wunderschönen Bilder - wofür wir uns nochmals herzlichst bedanken möchten.
Date of Posting: 14 May 2014
Posted By: Birgit & Frank
Wir möchten uns bei Euch ganz herzlich für diese schönen Momente bedanken. Ihr seid beide sehr liebe Menschen und für uns untrennbar mit dem gestrigen Abend verbunden. Wir werden also auch immer an euch denken, wenn wir an diesen Abend in Kapalua Bay zurück blicken.
Date of Posting: 13 May 2014
Posted By: Michael & Petra
Thank you so much for the wonderful service, it's something we'll never forget. Also thank your wife for the pictures, they turned out great.
Date of Posting: 28 April 2014
Posted By: Sharon & Jack
Thank u again for an amazing ceremony! God Bless!
Date of Posting: 25 April 2014
Posted By: Carla
Wow! The pictures are incredible! You made our wedding so special for us. It truly was a dream come true. The pictures are fantastic! It was so thoughtful and generous to take them with your camera and gift them to us. Again, mahalo!
Date of Posting: 25 April 2014
Posted By: David and Peggy

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